Faroux 917K

Bombard the senses !


Faroux Sports Cars stunning new Porsche 917K recreation kit has been developed using the latest technology to enable you to create your very own Le Mans sports car.


The 917K uses a Porsche Boxter as a donor, a flat 6 engine, gearbox and shortened drive shafts.


With a slightly modern twist to the 1970’s race car the Faroux 917K has two full size seats enabling you to enjoy the thrilling drive with a friend!


Faroux_917_car_2_640x380.jpg Faroux_chassis_suspension_640x380.png Faroux_917_car_3_640x380.jpg Faroux_917_car_4_640x380.jpg Faroux_917_car_1_640x380.jpg Faroux_917K_gulf_colours_640x380.jpg Faroux_chassis_detail1_640x380.jpg Faroux_chassis_detail2_640x380.jpg Faroux_917K_4_640x380.jpg Faroux_917K_5_640x380.jpg Faroux_lasercut_tubes.jpg

Check this tube laser!



Latest news

Our front & rear suspension is completely re-designed.

The new design gives a much better road holding & handling.


It's lighter and has a more authentic look.


Front Upright:



Rear Upright:


New designed suspension




new upright and wishbones.JPG

Cv joint.JPG


Front damper box 3.JPG



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Faroux Sports Cars :   Bombard the senses !!!